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Cards by Erik Hilliker

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Erik Hilliker nails the sassy and sardonic, clever and cheeky, illustrated in colorful and detailed cartoon style, in a collection of Anniversary, Birthday, New Baby, Congratulations and Happy Whatever cards. Wordy, wicked, wonderful and witty, these snarky, sensational greetings are loaded with jokey good cheer along with some churlish doses of reality.

An elderly couple is pictured letting almost everything hang out, involuntarily, thanks to the ravages of gravity, in colorful clothes and an off-color manner; a female egg gets engulfed by frantic male sperm; verbiage tells a blue story of aged decay, while the Grim Reaper lurks and smirks just around the corner; a shadowy guy in a gray suit and hat has the dastardly duty of delivering an insult; a crazed office worker puckers up for some primo promotional butt kissing; and a cell reproduces in living green old school style and then smokes a cigarette with its new zygote.

Nobody lucky enough to receive one of these utterly unique and awesomely funny cards will soon forget it, or you. They'll laugh their asses off or cry their eyes out, just as the occasion portrayed dictates.