Snowman Sneeze: Hilarious Christmas Jumbo Printed Greeting Card

Item #: J5706XSG
Cover Reads:
I Can't Understand It. All I Did Was Sneeze.
Inside Reads:
Merry Christmas. God Bless!
JUMBO GREETED version (8.5" x 11")
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Occasion: Christmas

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What's funnier than a sneezing snowman joke that ends in snow-manslaughter? Nothing, that's what. Snowmen are as Christmas as Santa's beard, and this drop dead funny Jumbo Size Snowman Christmas Card is a perfect gift for friends, family and co-workers. The great part about this snowman joke is its ambiguity. Did he really just sneeze? Or is there something more sinister brewing? This funny Jumbo Size Snowman Christmas Card allows the recipient to be the judge. His dead, coal eyes do seem a little insincere. And what kind of snowman sneezes? Did he catch a cold? Seems a little suspicious. Funny Christmas cards are an important part of the holiday. Sweet cards from grandparents and kids will always be neatly placed on refrigerators, but what about a few laughs? Holiday cheer in the form of a homicidal snowman joke definitely has its place in the holiday season. Holidays are supposed to fun, and this funny Jumbo Size Snowman Christmas Card reminds us that they don't call him Frosty for nothing.

Shipping weight:
Dimensions: 8.75 x 11.25 x 0.1 inches
Snowman Sneeze
Greeting Card Style:
Extra Large Version: 8.5" x 11"
Cartoon by Stan Eales
Paper Stock:
Card paper from mixed sources
March 15, 2016
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