Slept With A Brazilian: Hysterical Birthday Paper Card

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Cover Reads:
"I Slept With A Brazilian" "Oh My God, You Slut! How Many Is A Brazilian?"
Inside Reads:
Sending You A Gazillion Wishes For A Happy Birthday.
GREETED version (5" x 7")
BLANK version (not greeted 5" x 7")
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Occasion: Birthday

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First off: Kirsty Hotson is a genius. Not only did the designer of this sexy birthday card incorporate one of our favorite blonde jokes, but she also made a career out of doing what we did to our sister's dolls when we were immature pre-teens. We could have been millionaires, or at least thousandaires, before we were 14, if only our parents had bought us a better camera.

A dumb blonde joke is better than just a blonde joke. But if a dumb blonde can joke, "I slept with a Brazilian," the joke is even better - especially if you have someone on your birthday list who's into Latin lovers and lots of 'em. Featuring the creative photography, humor and doll-dressing of the twisted Hotson, the Slept With a Brazilian Birthday Humor Greeting Card is sure to get some giggles from anyone, blonde, brunette, redhead or bald. This and many other dirty birthday cards are available from your twisted friends at NobleWorks Cards.

Shipping weight: 1 oz
Dimensions: 5 x 7 x 0.1 inches
Slept With A Brazilian
Greeting Card Style:
Regular Version: 5" x 7"
Art by Hotson Kristy
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Printing in USA
June 01, 2014
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