Snowman Carrot Erection: Funny Christmas Greeting Card

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Someone's Excited About The Season! Merry Christmas
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When making a snowman, most of us have taken the rock-solid carrot stick meant for the nose and stuck it to its crotch to look like a giant penis. And if you havenít, you probably think itís hilarious and canít wait to try it the next time the opportunity presents itself. NobleWorks knows how you, your friends and your slightly off-balanced family members think. Why? Because weíve made a living out of our firm junior high boy-age humor. We also love to make our customers laugh because the carrot as a penis joke is pretty freaking funny.

With that in mind, we have the Snowman Carrot Erection Cartoons Christmas Greeting Card. The front of the card has the snowman with the carrot for a penis. The inside of the card says, "Someone's Excited About the Season! Merry Christmas."

Are you excited about the season and giving unique, hilarious holiday cards? Celebrate the season with funny, dirty Christmas cards from NobleWorks and send them to everyone on your list. Well, except your Aunt Ethel and Uncle Homer, who are a little rigid. Although they both could use a little light-hearted banter. Or a stiff drink.

Check out our larger-than-average selection of funny, adult-themed Christmas cards. You wonít be disappointed, and theyíll last longer than a few minutes.

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Snowman Carrot Erection
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Regular Version: 5" x 7"
Cartoon by Scott Nickel
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Card paper from mixed sources
March 15, 2013
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