Heads Will Roll: Humorous Blank Printed Card

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Cover Reads:
Rudolph - The Sleigh Would Be A Lot More Fun To Pull If The Driver Didn't Weigh 700 Lbs. Blitzen - He Weighs Only 700 Pounds? Cupid - Lol! Dasher - Seriously! How About That Practice Run Yesterday? He's All, "I'm Tired Of These Sluggish Take-Offs." Well, I'm Tired Of Hauling A Hippo!
Inside Reads:
BLANK (5" x 7")
GREETED (5" x 7")
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Have you ever posted something on Facebook that came back to bite you in the ass? Not sure if Rudolph and the other reindeer flaming Santa was a great idea. At least control your privacy settings, Rudolph. Santa on Facebook means he knows when you're naughty or nice; knows what you had for dinner; knows where you are; and knows, well, just about everything else. This Heads Will Roll Joke Card is a hilarious take on the holidays in the modern, digital world of social media. Never post anything about your boss. That's Facebook 101. This card of the reindeer flaming Santa is a great gift for anyone that hasn't been living under a rock the last ten years. The Santa on Facebook card is sure to be placed on the living room mantle or on the office desk. Leave the cute stuff for the grandmas and kids. Everyone will be buried in them soon. Buy a hilarious card that relieves some of the stress of the holidays. Actually, the reindeer flaming Santa card is an excellent gift anytime of the year. Know someone that made a social media no-no? Go ahead, twist the knife, send a card and post it on their Facebook page.

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Shipping dimensions: 5.38 x 7.38 x 0.2 inches
Heads Will Roll
Greeting Card Style:
Regular Version: 5" x 7"
Cartoon by Scott Metzger
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Printing in USA
March 16, 2015
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