Dog Social Media: Hysterical Christmas Paper Greeting Card

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Cover Reads:
Baxter The Golden Retriever: Just Sniffing Under The Christmas Tree. My One Gift Is A Chew Toy. Again. Would It Kill Them To Get Me Something Different? Clyde The Tabby: I Found Out My Gift Is Another Catnip Toy. I Want An Ipad! Sammy The Dachshund: What Bugs Me Is When My Owners Pretend A Gift Is From Me. They Always Sign My Name With A Backwards 's'. What Do They Think I Am, A Moron? Suzie The Mutt: @Sammy: Lol! Ann The Siamese: Every Year, I Give My People A Half-Dead Mouse. I Have Yet To Hear A Simple 'Thank You.' Vinnie The Gerbil: Know What I Want For Christmas? People To Stop Making The Richard Gere Jokes. That Would Be F*$King Great.
Inside Reads:
Hope You Get What You Want For Christmas.
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If you really want to know what your dog is saying about you, do what you do with everyone else: Sniff around his social media page. Christmas cards with horse-drawn sleighs are so 19th century. Here at, we keep up on the latest trends, including the troubling implications of dogs having access to social media, with our line of hilarious and generally funny greetings cards for the holidays. Get more likes. Don't send boring cards.

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Dog Social Media
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Regular Version: 5" x 7"
Cartoon by Scott Metzger
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Printed in USA
March 15, 2012
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