Birthday and Greeting Toilet Paper Cards

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The only thing more difficult than finding a cure for the coronavirus during the pandemic, was finding toilet paper on the shelves of the stores that you shop at. For some crazy reason, people panicked and hoarded TP like it didn't, in fact, grow on trees. A clean roll of wiping tissue became a real pain in the ass to find, could cost you an arm and a leg to buy and all of your friends when you asked them to lend you some. Tempers flared and fists and elbows flew as surly, sanitary paper shoppers acted like professional hockey players. Some poor souls had a really dirty time of it.

Well, trust NobleWorks to take a frivolous, filthy frenzy and turn it into funny and fantastic Friendship and Birthday greeting cards. Because if you can't laugh at irrational extreme behavior during a flu pandemic, then what can you laugh at? Toning down the angst and turning up the amuse, NobleWorks has cleaning-humored B-Day and Friendship cards featuring: hilarious handwritten test results, bubbly home wine tours, hysterical coned dogs and their owners, a wily healthcare worker drinking her way through a quarantine, and a cartoon comic pair of archaeologists unwrapping an ancient mummy for a very sheety purpose; to single out but a few squares of the toilet bowl joke notecards in this awesome collection.

So, don't let COVID-19 completely spoil someone's big Birthday or totally disrupt a special friendship. With these garrulous and timely greeting cards, you can still laughingly celebrate the year-older anniversaries of your friends, family members and coworkers, and lovingly renew your connection with a pal, buddy or girlfriend. Because, bottom-line is, even if the TP is being rationed in stores, the crass, cute, colorful and clever cardboard Birthday and Friendship cards papered with ass-inine good cheer and best wishes are in huge supply at NobleWorks.
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