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Bestselling Hilarious Birthday Cards

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No greeting card company does funny cards better and funnier than NobleWorks Cards. Hey, it's right there in our nickname: FUNNY CARDS ARE US! You can't just make that up. And when the occasion arises where someone you know is celebrating a Birthday, you want to send them the absolute funniest card out there, so that you're the one bringing the good cheer and great humor to the big B-Day party. Sappy, sentimental greetings have their place, maybe, but Birthday doesn't rhyme with Mirth-Day for nothing; it's all about having a laughing good time. It could be to honor that special friend, relative or coworker of yours who has successfully navigated and arrived at another year older, or it could be to take that B-Day woman or man's mind off the fact that, on a calendar basis, they are officially getting even older than they were before. Either way, huge chuckles and chortles delivered by hysterically illustrated and wittily worded cardboard cut-outs is what Birthday card-giving is all about. And right here is where you will find those gut-busting joke missives with which to convey your glad tidings to any pal, relation or workmate on the anniversary of their birth date.

In this vast and varied but all-hilarious selection of Birthday greetings, there's something for everybody on your B-Day card list. As long as they have a good sense of humor and a great appreciation of pictorial and pithy wit. Funny political cards featuring Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and a dressed-up and sometimes dolled-up Donald Trump are available; cartoon comic cards picturing picky sharks, sensitive dogs and chilling frogs are on sale for all the animal lovers in your crowd; along with merry missives portraying Joan Crawford, Jesus Christ, busty babes, old broads, Bangkok party games and much, much else. Some are good, clean fun, while others are as devilishly dirty and fantastically filthy as they come. In other words and sights, there's something amazing for all of your buds, family members and colleagues. The only one common ingredient in this massive gathering of greetings is: funny. Funny, funny cards, for sure, and for one and all who you'd like to give the gift of awesome laughter on their epic day of year-older celebration.