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New Multipacks

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The convenience and cost savings of new card multipacks are available right here in a huge collection of same card, variety packs and ten and thirty six greetings assortments. It's the perfect way for you to load up on your latest favorite funny card, get a wide and witty variety of cards for the same Holiday or Occasion, or have on hand a big selection of various hilarious Holiday and Occasion cards.

Get Well, Birthday, Thank You, Retirement, Congratulations, Valentine's Day, Administrative Professionals Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Mother's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Christmas cards, and every other Holiday and Occasion you can name and send out greetings for, are represented and featured in this New Multipacks vast and varied selection. And the funny and heartful cards include creative, artful and clever designs specifically for all those African American and Spanish speaking people you know and want to greet. There are humorously illustrated cartoons and amazingly amusing photographic images included in the many, many multipacks. And amongst the multitude of mirthful and moving drawings, snapshots and pictures are: romantic cats, hat wearing horses, classy chicks, comic doctors and patients, vintage moms, graduating Vikings, and a whole, whole lot more.

There's an appropriate laughing and loving greeting card for all of your friends, family members, sweethearts, bros and sistas, Latinos and Latinas, for any reason you desire to wish them a Happy anything!