Lots of Love: Funny Valentine's Day Assorted Set of 20 Cards - Animals

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Assorted Greeted Cards
Assorted Greeted Cards
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Valentine's Day is all about showing and spreading your love. In order to do that in charming and affectionate style on February 14th, you're going to need a whole lot of wonderful and warm-hearted greeting cards. All of which are available right here, in one fantastic twenty-card grouping, for your purchase and perfect gifting. Your cherished friends, family members, coworkers and/or classmates, along with your treasured truly beloved, will delight in receiving any one of the lovely, laughing and artful missives of mucho adoration. Because in this creative, humorous and heartfelt collection: dolphins leap out of the water to form a heart, polar bears share a furry hug, a cute kiddie kitten delivers a box of chocolates, the colorful pieces of a love puzzle are put in place, bees buzz with affection, stuffed puppy love is on full display, cats and dogs show they nose all about love, and beautiful floral bouquets and artistic heart creations are also carded; for passionate and hilarious V-Day giving.

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Lots of Love
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September 30, 2022
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