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A Mother's Day Poem: Kids Make Moms Very Stressed, And Very High Strung, It Kind Of Helps You Understand...
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...Why Insects Eat Their Young. Happy Mother's Day!
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Motherhood in nature isn't all mama bears and birds. Some critters leave their young to hatch in places where the first thing they have to do is make a mad dash to escape predators. Others treat their kids like snack time and eat their young. This funny Mother's Day poem featuring the edgy humor of Tim Whyatt is perfect for thanking your mother for letting you get off scot-free from all the crap you pulled as a kid ó despite the fact that school administrators and law enforcement officials might have taken a harsher view of your juvenile antics.

Donít be an ingrate like you were when you were a creepy little squirt. Prove to your loving mommy you have matured and take a more emotionally intelligent approach to life as a grown-up. Show your ma some gratitude with this funny mom poem card. Mom might not like creepy crawlies, but this hilarious Mother's Day card is sure to get a laugh. Forget sappy rhyme schemes with syrupy sentiment. Mom needs a laugh, and funny Mother's Day poems are just what the family therapist ordered.

The card is a literary exploration regarding entomology, family dynamics and why you should behave. If there's one day of the year not to be a pest, it's Mother's Day. Instead of bugging her on her special day, this hysterical card can be part of a fun day of memories, storytelling and discussion about exactly how terrible you, your siblings and all those other kids were.

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Moms Day Poem
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Regular Version: 5" x 7"
Cartoon by Tim Whyatt
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Pulp used in the making of this paper came from mixed sources of well managed forests, controlled sources and post-consumer recycled fiber. Printed in the USA.
September 15, 2005
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