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Wine Card
Men Stiff Joints Card
Dog Wishes Card
Unicorns and Rainbows Card
(7 Reviews)
(10 Reviews)
(4 Reviews)
(3 Reviews)
Bunny Selfies Card
Want Underwear Card
Lengths You'll Go Card
May Cause Memory Loss Card
(9 Reviews)
(31 Reviews)
(10 Reviews)
Senior Jeopardy Card
Horse Hip Replacement Card
Yoga Lick Behinds Card
Old Friends New Friends Card
(13 Reviews)
(23 Reviews)
(4 Reviews)
(2 Reviews)
Kiss my nose Card
Incorrect Password Card
Moses' Weed Card
Fuckers Card
(9 Reviews)
(19 Reviews)
(12 Reviews)
(31 Reviews)
Stiff Joints Card
Midlife Yoga Poses Card
Needs A Crown Card
Fuckin Truck Card
(32 Reviews)
(34 Reviews)
(6 Reviews)
Birthday Golfing Tips Card
Hold My Calls Card
Ill be a Stripper Card
70 In Celsius Card
(8 Reviews)
(9 Reviews)
(32 Reviews)
Cat Question Card
Schitt Tree Card
Bangkok Card
Other Way Around Card
(2 Reviews)
(3 Reviews)
(20 Reviews)
(2 Reviews)
Hole Foods Card
Asses Card
No Surgery Card
Dogopoly Card
(15 Reviews)
(18 Reviews)
(7 Reviews)
Diddly Squats Card
Viagra Kicks In Card
Senility Prayer Card
Dentist Say Card
(10 Reviews)
(6 Reviews)
(13 Reviews)
(5 Reviews)
Potato Leek Soup Card
Spew Profanities Card
Old enough Card
Mabel Thong Card
(2 Reviews)
(9 Reviews)
(4 Reviews)
Matching Alibis Card
If Only Card
Slept With A Brazilian Card
Drink Water Card
(4 Reviews)
(14 Reviews)
(3 Reviews)
As You Retire Card
Everyone Kiss My Ass Card
Wanker Birthday Card
Miss U Kitties Card
(1 Review)
(12 Reviews)
(2 Reviews)
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Funny Cards Are Us!

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All You Need to Express Your Inner Bitch, Bitches!

Welcome to NobleWorks Cards, the greeting card company that's all about being funny and as irreverent, crass and as inappropriate as we can be! Our goal is to resuscitate a card industry that for years has been putting us to sleep with their dull, sweet sentiments. Whether you're shopping retail for that one perfectly hilarious card that'll make your ornery great uncle actually crack a smile, or to stock your store with wholesale cards suitable for any season, you are sure to find the greatest, most memorable greeting cards that'll live up to anyone's taste, or lack thereof.

Since 1980 B.C. (Before e-Cards) we've been making cards right here in the U.S. that have been making people laugh. That's four decades of laughter and counting. We're a family-owned business, too, so that means we disagree and fight a lot and only occasionally like each other (kidding, not really). Although we stock our share of traditional greeting cards suitable for any occasion and even the most puritanical people on your list, NobleWorks really stands out for humor cards that flaunt the limits of good taste and civility. We specialize in cards that dare to be noticed and remembered; from stinky fart jokes guaranteed to light up the 6-year-old brain that lurks in the heart of every red-blooded (knack included) American men and women, Trump supporters and Democracy lovers alike, to the occasional f-bomb and zany humor.

Our creative stable includes the best cartoonists and gag writers in the biz today, easily making us "The Best Card Company" around. The result is a huge and diverse line of cards with quotes, jokes and at times insults accompanying eye-popping pics and crazy cartoons that will have you searching for an excuse to send them to friends, relatives and others even when it's not a holiday. Whether you're looking for birthday cards, graduation, Thank You, Christmas cards or cards for any other occasion, we have them. These crazy cards will inspire you to inscribe each one with a message of your own that will scale new literary heights.

Besides our hefty line of greeting cards (literally and figuratively — we have a great selection of jumbo cards), we pride ourselves on our customer-friendly policies here at NobleWorks Cards. Whether you buy one card or a million, you'll get free shipping. Our standard free policy covers all our cards, meaning you shop risk-free. The live and alive online help staff here means we'll never leave you in the lurch should you have questions.

Our cards will guide you through all life's major events, from birth to death. . If the relationship eventually sours, we've got you covered with our hilarious divorce cards. If you and yours think our cards are sick, don't worry. We also have get-well cards.

Can't decide which card's for you, or have questions? Consult our staff of highly trained cardiologists via chat, telephone, email or our funny online contact form.

Make America Greet Again

We seldom enter the choppy waters of domestic politics here at NobleWorks Cards. OK, that's a lie, we do sell some obscenely funny cards that pokes fun at the law(less) and disorder in Washington. How can we resist?

Nevertheless, despite our aversion to politics, we have decided it is our civic duty to push a very important agenda: making America "greet" again.  Relying on texts and email for things like reminding your spouse to take out the garbage or to communicate with co-workers is fine, but when it comes to such important events as reminding your sister that she's aging horribly on her birthday, it is best done with an old-fashioned, humorous greeting card

Funny Cards Are Us!

No cheap slogans for us here at NobleWorks Cards. No indeed. We don't substitute the letter R for the verb Are on our website or indulge in the many other cheap gimmicks employed by corporate behemoths we won't name.

No, here at the NobleWorks Cards towers in beautiful Hoboken, which some have idealized with terms from Venice to the armpit of New Jersey, we just give you pure, unadulterated laughs and humor. For tamer thrills, check out our safe-for-work and totally unexpected, gorgeous note cards site: The Best Card Company.

We have cards that are gentle enough to use for a baby shower. But wait. There's more. For the dirty old men and dirty old women who have found us, we can satisfy your cravings — on paper, at least. In addition to our squeaky-clean cards that only a grandma or a baby could love, we also carry filthy, nasty dirty cards that will make even a sailor or your S.O. blush before laughing his or her ass off.

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