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Senior Bumper Stickers: Funny Birthday Pack of 3 Cards

Item #: C2649BDG-C3x1
Cover Reads:
Bumper Stickers for Seniors. When you see my reverse lights Run Like Hell! Yes I'm driving but you can't see me cause I shrunk! if you don't like my drivin' tell it to somebody who can hear! My other car is a motorized scooter. Yes, my blinker is on But I'm not turning. That's Right! I'm driving very sloowwly in the Fast Lane. I completely forgot where I'm Going!
Inside Reads:
All Signs Point To A Happy Birthday!
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Pack of Greeted Cards
Pack of Greeted Cards
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C3x1 If you have friends, relatives and colleagues who are celebrating Birthdays and are way closer to the sunset in life than the sunrise, but still have valid driver's licenses, then wheel the good-humored old fogies out the amusing, auto-centric Birthday greetings available here. The three-pack of chuckling cartoon car cards all feature hysterical bumper stickers that will drive those elderly Birthday partiers you know to tears of delighted laughter (once they put their glasses on). While these funny greeting cards might not make the roads any safer, they will steer hilarity the way of all those senior stick-shifters and gear-grinders turning yet another year older.

Shipping weight: 1.92 oz
Shipping dimensions: 5.38 x 7.38 x 0.6 inches
Senior Bumper Stickers
Cartoon by Mike Shiell
Paper Stock:
North American based and printed on FSC certified paper.
January 13, 2023
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