Wife From Hell: Humor Birthday Greeting Card

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Cover Reads:
A Police Officer Pulls Over A Car... "I Clocked You Doing Over 80 Mph Sir." "I Had It On Cruise Control At 60! Your Radar Gun May Need To Be Recalibrated, Officer!" "Don't Be Silly Dear, You Know This Car Doesn't Have Cruise Control!" "Keep Your Mouth Shut For Once!" "Well Dear, Be Thankful Your Radar Detector Went Off Or Your Speed Would Have Been A Lot Higher." "Rader Detectors Are Illegal In This State! I'm Writing You A Ticket For That." "Can't You Keep Your Big Mouth Shut?!" "I Notice You're Not Wearing A Seat Belt. That's An Automatic $75 Fine." "I Had It On Officer But I Took It Off So I Could Get My License In My Back Pocket!" "Now Dear, You Know You Didn't Have It On! You Never Wear Your Seat Belt When You're Driving, Silly!" "Will You Please Just Shup Up?!!" "Does Your Husband Always Talk To You This Way Ma'am?"
Inside Reads:
"Only When He's Been Drinking!" Here's Hoping Your Birthday Is Hell On Wheels!
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A police officer pulls over a car... "I clocked you doing over 80 mph sir." "I had it on cruise control at 60! Your radar gun may need to be recalibrated, officer!" "Don't be silly dear, you know this car doesn't have cruise control!" "Keep your mouth shut for once!" "Well dear, be thankful your radar detector went off or your speed would have been a lot higher." "Rader detectors are illegal in this state! I'm writing you a ticket for that." "Can't you keep your big mouth shut?!" "I notice you're not wearing a seat belt. That's an automatic $75 fine." "I had it on officer but I took it off so I could get my license in my back pocket!" "Now dear, you know you didn't have it on! You never wear your seat belt when you're driving, silly!" "Will you please just shup up?!!" "Does your husband always talk to you this way ma'am?"

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Wife From Hell
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Regular Version: 5" x 7"
Cartoon by Daniel Collins
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Pulp used in the making of this paper came from mixed sources of well managed forests, controlled sources and post-consumer recycled fiber. Printed in the USA.
July 15, 2010
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