Reefernitions: Hysterical Birthday Paper Greeting Card

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Cover Reads:
Reefernitions: Reefer - Slang For Marijuana; Refers To A Joint, Bowl, Plant, Or Sack Of Marijuana. Dank - Sticky, Hairy, Stinky, And Highly Potent Marijuana. Dankalankadingdong - A High Form Of Dankness. It Has To Be Really Great Marijuana To Be Dankalankadingdong. Dank Bank - A Box Or Jar Where You Hide Your Bud. Dank Of America - A Place Or Person Who Can Hook You Up With The Dankest Of Dank Buds. Baked - High As Fuck...Under The Influence...Stick A Fork In Them; They Are Done. Blazed - One Step Beyond Baked. More Like Burnt. Not To Worry: It Is Usually Temporary. Potponed - Put Off Until A Later Time When You Are No Longer Smoking Pot. Blazin' Raisin - A Person Who Is Above The Age Of 25 And Still Smokes. Faded - Like Baked Or Blazed, Only Worse! Mostly A West Coast State...Potalicious - That Flavor Left In Your Mouth After A Healthy Toke. Reefersaurus Rex - An Elderly Pothead Who Is Almost Extinct.
Inside Reads:
Just A Note To Say "High" And To Wish You A Happy Bake-Day!
GREETED (5" x 7")
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Occasion: Birthday

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Whether it's 4:20 or some other time of the day or night, any friend or relative who enjoys the occasional smoke or toke will light up upon receiving the Reefernitions funny happy birthday card from NobleWorks Cards. With its cosmic definitions of the many different strains in the wonderful world of weed and the joys of smoking it, this card is a great way to say "high" and stay that way on anyone's birthday.

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Dimensions: 5 x 7 x 0.1 inches
NobleWorks Inc
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Regular Version: 5" x 7"
Art by NobleWorks
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Printed on FSC certified paper. Made in the USA.
December 15, 2009
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