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Another Year Older, Another Awkward Family Photo: Funny Birthday Mixed Set of 10 Cards

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Assorted Greeted Cards
Assorted Greeted Cards
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Oh oh! NobleWorks has discovered and dusted off some family photo albums, and let's just say that things are not looking good - but appearing absolutely humorous! In this funny collection of perhaps best-left-unseen pics, a kid squats on a toilet in the middle of nowhere, a boy goes disco in a multi-colored leotard, an old man rides a tricycle, a pair of girls dance it up dressed as clowns, a boy groans and grabs his groin after crashing a unicycle, another boy poses with a vacuum cleaner for no apparent reason other than to suck up to someone, a baby gets deep and dirty into cake, a nearly-nude old-timer shows off his bright red tomatoes, and a boy with a mullet makes nice with his equally unflatteringly hair-styled dummy. You've never seen and gifted the likes of these weird and wonderful exhumed from another age photo cards - except in the depths of your own family home attic, of course.

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Another Year Older, Another Awkward Family Photo
Awkward Family Photos
Awkward Family, LLC
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Card paper from mixed sources
May 15, 2018
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