Pet Party: Hilarious Birthday Mixed Set of 36 Cards

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Assorted Greeted Cards
Assorted Greeted Cards
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Cute dogs and cats and the humorous antics they get up to are always good for laughs. Especially on somebody's Birthday; and exceptionally when designed, created and captioned on frisky and funny canine and feline Happy Birthday cards from NobleWorks. Thirty six of the most amusing and amazing pooch, puppy and pussycat Birthday greetings are bred, packed and herded together in the furry frivolity assortment of cards showcased for cardboard animal adoption and usage right here. Anybody you and the family or gang know who are celebrating turning another year older, whatever their age and whether they're pet owners or not, will get great Birthday guffaws and chuckles out of: a sprinkle nosed basset hound, tricycle riding bulldog, a board game playing group of illustrated different breed hounds, a boardroom full of comic cats, a boxload of kittens destined for a crazy cat lady and a mischievous mutt openly doing his lemonade stand business on the front lawn. To highlight just some of the kitty and puppy jokes photo and cartoon displayed and hysterically gaglined on these fabulous, four legged, fun inducing Birthday greetings.

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Pet Party
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January 15, 2024
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