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Here at NobleWorks, we stock our virtual shelves with some of the most catchy greeting card lines on the market. With names you’ll recognize that offer hilarious sentiments on high-quality cardstock, these artists will help you find the perfect birthday fart greeting, free of judgment. Plus, you can find a card for someone in prison and a selection of cards that feature Jesus doing various R-rated activities, plus tons of other remarkably amusing greeting cards.

We carry card lines by Urban Dictionary, Weekly World News, Divas, RedRocket, PETiGREET, Last Kiss and more. Plus, we’ve broken down these hilarious cards into categories to help you nail down the exact type of card you want to send out. Choose from passive aggressive cards (which are really not passive at all, by the way), superhero cards, political cards, cartoon cards, text message cards and more. There’s basically no better way to say just what you want to say with just the right image than with this selection of funny, offensive, clever and dirty cards. Just imagine yourself giving your soul mate a card that says “I love you more than Paula Deen loves butter.” I mean seriously, is there anything in the world that could capture your love for your other half quite like that? Didn’t think so. You could spend weeks browsing this selection of fun cards if you wanted to, though it’s probably not recommended by your primary physician.

Here at NobleWorks, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality cards made with post-consumer waste, so you can be sure you get a clever and eco-friendly product. Plus, we offer free shipping, even if you only order a single card, so you can rest easy knowing your card collecting habit is fully within the budget.