NobleWorks Lists of Top Funny Things

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Former Late Night host David Letterman may have been a master of the Top 10 list, but NobleWorks Cards is no rank beginner. For you reading pleasure and your need to perhaps add a little extra funny to a NobleWorks greeting card (We can't for the life of us think why you would need to do that, though, since our cards are very funny, no hilariously funny!), we present a few very humorous lists of our own. And one list, Top 10 Humor Sites, will direct you to places where you will find even more reasons to laugh. With what you find here, you can also make them moan or howl at Halloween with our Halloween jokes or tuck the kiddies into bed on Christmas eve by reading them one of worst Christmas stories from our list, but don't show them any of the Top 10 Elf Cards! They are not age-appropriate! You can also put on the dog a little bit with what you learn here and show your friends how "cultured" you are by wowing them with your knowledge of British slang words. And if the doesn't work, how about describing some of the things that dogs do better, just to show how smart you are. Although NobleWorks is known for its funny cards, our very humorous, hilarious, raunchy, dirty and adult cards. But that is not all of what we are about; our writers also se heir minds to other funny things such as these top 10 list for your amusing pleasure.
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