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Funny Easter Cards: Humorous Greetings and Hilarious Easter Jokes and Funny Easter Cartoons

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Funny Easter Cards

Don't lay an egg this Easter.

If you're looking for funny Easter greetings, you'll find some eggceptionally Funny Easter Cards at NobleWorks Cards. These humorous greetings, hilarious Easter jokes and funny Easter cartoons are the perfect way to say Happy Easter to someone without having to go to the trouble of getting and painting eggs or dealing with messy or gooey chocolate bunnies. And they're perfect for the diabetics on your list, since they're high in fiber and really low on the glycemic index.

You'll pardon our pride and our pun if we boast that our humorous Easter cards are really eggstraordinary. Send these funny Easter greetings by mail, slip these humorous Easter cards in your Easter baskets or just hand them directly to all the chocolate- and sweets-crazed kids and adults at your next Easter egg hunt. The laughs everyone will get from our Funny Easter Greeting Cards, Jokes & Cartoons will linger long after they've all gobbled down those peeps and chocolate Easter bunnies and Easter eggs.

Our funny Easter cards feature all the cute characters you've come to associate with this holiday. You'll see versions of the Easter bunny and of the peeps and spring chicks (the poultry kind) that you never thought possible. We threw in a few scatological takes on this spring holiday in a couple of our Easter holiday cards just for good measure. All in all, these funny Easter greetings from NobleWorks Cards go the eggstra mile.