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Mother's Day Jumbo Cards

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Everyone has one - every mother's son and daughter of us. Mom is one special lady, deserving of a special big day of her own so we can all show her how much we love and appreciate her, and thank her for raising such wonderful children.

The emphasis is on funny, sassy, saucy and huge in this colorful, extra-large collection of clever Mother's Day cards. Mama ain't takin' no guff; whether she's, unsuccessfully, child-proofing her home; or she's getting inspired by her children to drink more; or she's requesting that the kids go play in traffic; or she's making the ultimate sacrifice. Great humor is truly timeless, just like Mom herself.

But if you care to honor your terrific mother in a more traditional and touching way, then those types of super-sized cards are available for your gifting pleasure, as well. Two olives rub shiny green skins with red throbbing hearts of pimento; messages of true love are framed by frosted tree branches against a bright blue sky; and 'Happy Mother's Day' is lovingly carved into a tree trunk with red rose adornment.

Any one of these enormously delightful cards will put a smile on Mom's face, a tear in her eye and/or a lump in her throat. Don't you dare miss out on paying sweet and saucy homage to your magnificent mother, with one of these hilarious and tender gigantic Mother's Day cards.