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Non-Humor Mother's Day Jumbo Cards

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Mom is the one! And this enormous collection of giant 'Mother's Day' cards is designed specifically to honor numero uno mater/mamasita on her big special day. Beautiful, fashionable, somewhat catty, but bursting with good cheer and supreme style and size, these huge cards reflect Mom like no others.

Amongst the many different hardcopy greetings to highlight your immense mother appreciation are: a classy, redheaded, blue-eyed, marvelous mom clutching a baby and proudly and hilariously proclaiming that she had a mind once, but now she has small children; a delightful dame showing off the high wire act of motherhood while juggling colored balls against a blue sky, building silhouetted background; and a cute little baby elephant snuggling with its big tusky wrinkled mama in shades of gray and happy. There's even a super-sized card to specifically salute Spanish-speaking moms, with a 'feliz dia Mama' greeting in purple wreathed by glorious pink and orange watercolor flowers and green and blue leaves and yellow buds. To showcase but a few of the massive, magnificent Mom cards available here.

You can't choose your mother, but you can choose just the right Mother's Day card to send her to show your worship and adulation for the wonderful woman. In this flower filled and happy spirited collection of tremendous mama missives, we have anyone's mom covered - in grateful glory.