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Funny Mother's Day Jumbo Cards

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Mother's Day is the one day of the year when you can truly, unashamedly, unabashedly proclaim: 'I Love You, Mom!' But let's not get too gushy, 'kay? Make Mama's big day a huge celebration of her and her wonderful achievement in raising you; but do it with enormous humor, as well as tremendous heart. Enter: the hilarious Momma's Day collection of cards.

Show Mommy just how much she means to little ol' you with some giant hilarity paper stamped on extra-large cards. Cartoon mothers change diapers and swim to the rescue of desert island stranded children; wickedly retro maters smilingly defuse kids and child-proof their homes; BIG Mom day wishes are stated loud and proud in blazing yellows, reds, pinks and greens, and blue words within starburst blasts; and cute babies, kittens and Boo Pomeranians pose adorably to send out oversized good cheer to the fantastic female leader of the family. To name just a few of the amazing mother appreciation gargantuan cards in this immense, vast and varied joke collection.

Mom gave you the gift of life, and the best years of her life (to hear her tell it over and over again). So the least you can do is give the poor woman the largesse of laughter, good cheer and humungous happiness, courtesy of a greeting card from this massive collection, on her special recognition day of the year. Regular whining, bitching and arguing to commence the day immediately following, as usual.