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Boss's Day Jumbo Cards

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Having a boss Boss is HUGE to your workplace enjoyment! Because when you're lucky enough to labor under a great manager, going to your place of employment becomes a pleasure, rather than a pain. So, on Boss's Day, that superior worksite leader should be enormously lauded for their special skills, immensely thanked for creating such a wonderful work setting - with one of the awesome Thank You Boss cards in this amazing, oversized collection.

"THE BIG CHEESE!" is spelled out in tremendous, orange, dimpled letters, against vast, vivid, purple backgrounds, on a pair of these shout-out missives. While on another couple of extra-large, exuberant kudos cards, red, pink, purple, yellow and orange flowers, and green leaves and vines, are used to word out epic acknowledgement to a great boss. And a pink dotted and a blue dotted work shirt show up front and center, along with stuck-on nametags, to hilariously, humungously salute that terrific superior.

Don't take a marvelous office, plant and/or worksite bosswoman or man for granted; reward the incredible qualities "they" bring to the job by gifting them one of the massive, mammoth, mucho deserved, garrulous, glad tidings greeting cards in this super-special cohort.