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Non-Humor Boss's Day Jumbo Cards

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A great Boss is good to find, and wonderful to work for. And when you and your fellow coworkers are lucky enough to enjoy an amazing office, site, store and/or plant leader, make sure you salute their super abilities - with one of the extra-large gratitude greeting cards in this awesome collection.

Red, pink, yellow and purple flowers and green leaves and vines entwine big letters of appreciation, against a vast, bright blue sky background, on one of these colorful, cheerful, cheering, giant Boss's Day cards. While on another huge, happy and heartfelt salute to that superior supervisor, a blue dotted workshirt with a black, white and red nametag is used as the backdrop for enormously complimentary kudo words.

Any magnificent manager will greatly appreciate any one of these superior, stand-out, oversized cards, just as much as you and your cohorts immensely appreciate working for that one-of-a-kind bosswoman or man.