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Funny Boss's Day Jumbo Cards

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Being blessed with a great work boss is a big, big deal; sometimes as rare as finding that perfect job. So, when you and your colleagues/workmates are lucky enough to labor under such a tremendous leader, make sure you recognize their awesome qualities and appreciated abilities and reward "them" with some epic kudos of immense, colorful, heartfelt good cheer. As featured in fun style and all seriousness on the Boss's Day extra-large cards in this super collection.

"THE BIG CHEESE" gets oversized adulation in humungous orange, dimpled, enthusiastic letters set against vivid, vibrant purple backgrounds, to cut that special bossman or woman a hearty hunk of happy congratulations. And massive, metallic gold words spell out mammoth approbation for that top masterly female or male manager, set against a bright pink, purple, red, blue, yellow, green and orange striped backdrop complete with multi-hued confetti, shining silver stars and a whole lot of thumbs-up salutes.

Are these mammoth cards "boss?" You could say that (if you're of a certain age). But more importantly, they're giant, oversized, bold, beautiful, boasting about and toasting of a terrific workplace wunderkind so deserving on their special recognition day.