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Retirement Jumbo Cards

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Ah, sweet, blessed retirement! The glorious time in life every working stiff looks forward to. They've slaved all their life, and now they finally get to sit back and take it easy (depending on the balance in their pension plan). Give that deservedly retiring guy or gal one final fun parting shot and hearty goodbye with any of the huge Retirement Jumbo Joke Cards from NobleWorks.

These oversized cards are smart, colorful, joyful and a wee bit snarky, just like the person setting off into the golden sunset themselves. On one big card, hotshot Bernard fires off one final email blast by blowing away his desktop computer monitor. On another enormous card, Reynolds loses the game of boardroom musical chairs and is forced to clean out his desk, as a result. And on yet another goodwill departure cheer card, 'BIG RETIREMENT WISHES' are spelled out in bright, bold red, yellow and blue letters on a vivid orange background.

While the retiree will be missed, 'you' can't miss when you gift them one of these immense paper send-offs. Best wishes, bon voyage, good luck, farewell, keep in touch, all the best, happy trails, don't work too hard at Wal-Mart - writ and illustrated large.