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Funny Retirement Jumbo Cards

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Retirement is a big event in anybody's life, and work life. A momentous, momentum shifting occasion worthy of hearty congratulations and huge recognition. NobleWorks has your tremendous salute to the recently unemployed set covered, with this massive, mirthful collection of giant good cheer goodbye cards.

In this vast and varied array of hails to the workplace departed: Bernard fires off one final email blast, with a shotgun; Reynolds loses a high stakes game of boardroom musical chairs and has to clean out his desk, as a result; a job jumper is urged to pay up his dues in the office lottery pool before he takes the leap; and a pair of identical recent retirees clone around as couch potatoes.

All of these massive, colorful, clever cards are anything but shy and retiring when it comes to delivering great fun and laughter to someone who has taken the enormous step and embarked on a life without work and, hopefully, worry.