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Work Anniversary Greeting Cards

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A Work Anniversary marks a certain time period that an employee has been on the job, usually in yearly or five-year increments. Given the current state of the workplace, where company loyalty to their employees is suspect and workers are moving between firms and jobs more and more frequently, recognizing, rewarding and celebrating work anniversaries is a great and inexpensive way to foster employee loyalty, togetherness and motivation, and increase job satisfaction. It's a little, thoughtful thing that goes a long way in retaining excellent workers, who, after all, improve both the company product and the workplace environment with their remarkable skills and talents and wonderful attitudes.

And let's face it, with people working longer and harder, the coworkers at the plant or the workmates on the job site or the colleagues at the office are more like a second family than ever these days. People spend almost as much time with their fellow employees during their career as they do with the members of their own clan. So, in the spirit of lasting "family" cohesion, it's important to commemorate work anniversaries; just as you might, you know, remember when your own wedding anniversary is on the home-front and maybe present a gift of gratefulness of some kind to your significant other. NobleWorks has an excellent selection of funny and congratulatory Work Anniversary greeting cards to honor long-term and highly skilled laborers, no matter their profession, whether from an employer's or fellow employees' perspective thereby bringing that happy, productive work family even closer together, hopefully for a long time.

Smartly dressed and smart-mouthed retro ladies, a doggedly diligent work mutt, an overly productive and prodigious bunny rabbit, and an annoyingly questioning white collar wage-earner are all featured in bright colors and boisterous humor on these Work Anniversary notecards. They're a funny, snarky, hysterical, warm-hearted and economical way to recognize a special employee's Work Anniversary and reward them for their dedicated service to the company and salute the amazing contribution they make to the team. Any of these missives of mirthful work-time marking will be greatly appreciated by all who receive them, "almost" as much as a promotion or raise!