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Teacher Thank You Greeting Cards

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Everybody (except those unlucky students who have been home-schooled and hate their parents) has had or currently have a great teacher who has enlightened and inspired them, made going to school, junior college, university and/or the prison library an absolute pleasure rather than a total pain. These special, one-of-a-kind educators, modern-day versions of Mr. Chips or Kotter or Miss Grundy, are so gifted, so dedicated, so innovative and so enthusiastic that they can take even mundane subjects like math, social studies, automotive repair and greeting card cartooning and turn them into exciting and enthralling subjects. Their expertise and exuberance, their special gift in being able to pass on their knowledge in a thrilling manner, is a joy to behold in-person and worth fighting for that last seat in class over. Dull, plodding, putting-in-the-time-to-retirement snivel servants they are not; astonishing advocates for pupil academic excellence, achievement and advancement they are.

If you have a super-special teacher who lifts your scholastic spirit and enhances your educational experience with their remarkable talent, skills and tremendously caring and sharing attitude, then reward them as they have rewarded you by bestowing upon them one of the Teacher Thank You cards from the studiously funny and fine-spirited assemblage featured here. These greetings are in a humor class by themselves, alive with hilarious leaping dogs and cats, debating kids and educated owls, witty scrabbled words and relaxing red wine and beach scenes. Your amazing teacher has given you so much of themselves so that you may succeed, the least you can do is honor their epicness with a garrulous gratitude greeting card. It'll delightfully demonstrate to them just how much you're in awe of their perfect pedagogical presentations.