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Sorry Jumbo Cards

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Sometimes, you just have to face up to it and admit it - you did something really, really dumb. Like, if you're a little orange cat, you hooked onto the chandelier and now you're just hanging there with no way down. Or if you're a stovetop pot buzzing fly, you flew off the handle for no good reason.

When you've made that tremendous mistake, it's always good policy to issue a big, big apology; as in, a huge 'I'm Sorry.' Greeting cards begging forgiveness don't come any larger, bolder, brighter, more colorful and sincere than the ones in the Sorry Jumbo Cards collection from NobleWorks.

Along with the high-flying feline and low-flying bluebottle, this selection of immense apology cards includes a number spelling out your lamentable sentiments in enormous blue, yellow, pink, green, orange, gray and red letters; such as: 'I'M A BIG IDIOT,' 'A BIG SORRY,' and 'A BIG EPIC FAIL.' A heaping helping of true reconciliation is right around the corner when you send out one of these giant contrition cards to someone you woefully wronged.