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From All Of Us Graduation Jumbo Cards

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The Thank You's and acknowledgments are enormous, the pictures and words are immense! The perfect match for giving out great kudos to some special coach, teacher or graduate, from everyone.

In one series of giant good cheer gratitude cards, huge red, green, blue and white letters, on bright colorful backgrounds, spell out the appreciation, big-time, and are adorned with the appropriate basketball, soccer ball, volleyball, baseball, hockey puck, softball or lacrosse ball, as befitting the particular sport. And in another sensational, super-sized set of happy, humungous Thank You cards, cheering bulldogs, tigers, lions, cougars, panthers and bears pack the sunroofs of vintage cherry red, metallic blue, eggshell white and midnight black limousines, tossing around confetti and letting loose balloons and waving banners, in aid of expressing a massive debt of thanks to that special academic-related important figure.

This vast and varied grouping of colorful and epic grad and gratefulness greeting cards provides everybody with plenty of wonderful options with which to magnificently, marvelously and majestically reward that truly one-of-a-kind educator or educated.