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Recovery Jumbo Cards

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Drug and alcohol addictions are diseases that, unfortunately, are running rampant in our society these days. Caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, everybody knows of a friend, family member and/or coworker who has succumbed to or wrestled with the problem of addiction. It's tragic to see a good person get caught up in a bad habit, a normally happy, effervescent and productive individual become so saddled and addled with the overpowering need for a narcotic or intoxicant that they're transformed into an anxious, erratic and unproductive personality fixated solely upon getting their next hit or drink. Addictions ruin not only the life of the man or woman or teenager afflicted, but can shatter entire families, strain friendships to the breaking point, and place an enormous burden on society as a whole in terms of expensive social services.

So, anyone who is constructively dealing with an addiction, doggedly trying to get clean and sober, deserves as much encouragement and congratulations as we can give them, to help them along the path to reclaiming their lives. Using this collection of cheering and supportive giant Recovery greeting cards, everybody can hand out a huge pat on the back to anybody who is beating their addiction one day at a time, including those in Alcoholics Anonymous and other programs. Amongst these massive missives of applause are extra-large cards displaying beautiful, sunny, mountain, lake and meadow scenes, marvelously marking ninety day, one year, two year and three year periods of successful sobriety. And there's even a bright, big-lettered, cardboard expression of great gratitude to an epic sponsor, who is essential in helping the addicted person come clean and sober. Drug and alcohol addiction is a mammoth problem that affects all of us, individually and on a societal basis, and that's why it's so tremendously important to recognize and reward those who are making the determined effort to get the monkey off their backs and get on with their lives for the benefit of all of humankind.