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Non-Humor Sympathy Cards

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The death of a loved one, human or pet, is a traumatic event. There's no way for you to fully relieve the emotional pain felt by a friend, relative or coworker who has suffered the loss of a beloved family member. But you can still provide some small measure of comfort and encouragement, and indeed show your tremendous caring and compassion, by sending those affected by the demise of a person, cat or dog a heartfelt, artful and commiserating Sympathy card.

This collection of condolence cards from NobleWorks includes Sympathy, Pet Sympathy and Sympathy Thank You greetings, all in appropriately lovely, tasteful and subtle stylings. Sympathy cards with watercolor paintings of flowers, birds, forest and mountain vistas are available to express your shared grief at the death of someone's cherished mother, father, grandparent, husband, wife, child, other close relative or friend. While cards featuring feline and canine silhouettes, with crimson hearts and dark pawprints, can be used to convey your empathy towards those who have lost a treasured pet. And when you and your family are, unfortunately, the ones on the receiving end of Sympathy for a loss, there are Thank You cards in this grouping which display beautiful and meaningful images and words to extend your great gratitude to those who held you in their thoughts and offered support during the grieving process.