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Non-Humor St. Patrick's Day Cards

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Is "the luck of the Irish" an actual thing? Absolutely! On March 17th, Saint Patrick's Day, at least!

There's nothing more symbolic of the luck of the Irish than a four leaf clover. Except, perhaps, an entire gorgeous green field of four leaf clovers. Like the one pictured in glorious, glowing, emerald fine foliage on this Happy St. Patrick's Day card. Any lass, lad, leprechaun, friend, foe, family member, workmate, colleague or bar buddy you know who celebrates the All Eire day of good cheer, great comradery, national pride, pageant parading, wild partying and heavy drinking will be raising a glass, mug, stein, flagon and/or pint flask of beer and/or whiskey to you in great gratitude when you gift them the colorful, clover filled St. Patty's Day greeting.