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Non-Humor Graduation Jumbo Cards

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This collection of large, colorful cards is specifically 'designed' to congratulate the hugely successful graduate. Like the high achieving academic, they're bright, clever, bold and bee-utiful.

A teacher cat dressed in a brown jacket and blue tie instructs a classroom of equally colorfully attired and less than attentive kittens in blackboard rocket science. Book spines and pencil ends are displayed big and bold and perfectly fitting to the occasion to congratulate academic success in style. And a rainbow colored porcupine is painted amongst a red and white forest of mushrooms and blades of green grass.

Anyone who's put in all the hard work and effort, and hard-earned money, to get a coveted diploma, certificate or degree deserves an enormous, congratulatory card just as immensely remarkable as their accomplishment. Such as any one of the super-sized, marvelous pat-on-the-gowned-back missives in this Grade A collection.