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Non-Humor Graduation Cards

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This collection of colorful cards is specifically 'designed' to congratulate the successful graduate. Like the high achieving academic, they're bright, clever, bold and bee-utiful.

Framed like a pasted-in picture in an old time photo album, a classroom of wise owls is instructed by a teacher owl in a black cap and gown. A rainbow colored porcupine is painted amongst a red and white forest of mushrooms and blades of green grass. And a fashionable femme looking fantastic in a black graduation gown and mortarboard high-steps it on a stack of books and perches on a globe in a series of three sassy and sensational education attainment cards.

Anyone who's put in all the hard work and effort, and hard-earned money, to get a coveted diploma, certificate or degree deserves a congratulatory card just as remarkable as their accomplishment. Such as any one of the marvelous pat-on-the-gowned-back missives in this Grade A collection.