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Non-Humor Get Well Jumbo Cards

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No need to send a huge bouquet of flowers to somebody feeling ill, when you can send them a giant flower filled card, instead. It's cheaper, of course, and while flowers require watering and still die within days, a floral card is maintenance free and can live on forever - hopefully, like that friend, acquaintance, colleague or family member who's sick.

The flowery sentiments of 'Get Well' are blossoming big and bright on these enormous goodwill, good cheer cards: a multitude of pink and red roses framing a heart shape, a bouquet of lovely violets and pansies with green leaves and fluttering blue and orange butterflies, and a beautiful blue and white magnolia with green leaves blooming large and wonderful.

Of course, NobleWorks always likes to give you a choice, so there are best wishes cards here that aren't so flower-centric. Like a black cat on a brilliant pink background wearing a cone and hissing a funny quip, and a gray and white kitten extending its warm and fuzzy paws in a grand furry hug on a bright blue background.

Cheer someone up who's feeling down cheaply and easily by selecting and sending them one of these immense, beautiful, caring cards.