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Non-Humor Easter Cards

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Help somebody special or some special group of people celebrate Easter in a beautiful, delightful, glorious manner with the charming, classic, cross-centered and flower-filled greeting card of good cheer, great joy and religious reverence featured here. Perfect for the faithful occasion recognizing the persecution and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Within a lovely, elaborate, green, scroll-worked frame, against a light blue biblically-imbued background, a golden cross is artfully rendered and surrounded by lush, blossoming, gorgeous white, pink, blue, purple and orange florals and dense, green foliage of leaves, vines and ferns and red berries and buds, to celebrate Easter in heavenly, classical, scriptural good taste and fine style. And the bloom-adorned cross in all its colorful, beaming, brilliant magnificence is duplicated on the inside of this exquisite greeting, as well, along with a blue sky background.

Anyone receiving this marvelous, majestic, amazing card will be truly touched and moved, and infused with the true spirit of the Christian days of remembrance and commemoration.