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Administrative Professionals Day

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Get the whole office gang together to thank and reward that super helpful, extra-special Administrative Professional who greatly, accurately and cheerfully assists everyone, by giving the hard-working, unsung AP, secretary or receptionist this giant, glorious, recognition card of epic tribute.

Administrative Professionals Day takes place on the Wednesday of the fourth week in April; appropriately enough, hump day, to applaud and appreciate that special person who busts their hump every day of the year so that everyone else in the workplace looks and produces better. The large, lovely card here features a beautiful bunch of pink roses with green leaves and stems blossoming forth amidst joyful, oversized white wording and set against a vast, glowing blue background.

They may toil behind the scenes and not get much glory, but Administrative Professionals deserve enormous plaudits and tremendous adulation from all of the rest of the office staff who rely on their great efforts and fine skills.