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Non-Humor Administrative Professionals Day Cards

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Administrative Professionals Day is a chance for the entire office, warehouse, faculty, plant and/or factory - management and other staff alike - to shine a workplace spotlight on those behind the scenes, often underappreciated employees such as assistants, clerks, receptionists, secretaries and other support staff. They're the important workers who make the day to day functioning of the company, organization, nonprofit or government department run smoothly, efficiently and effectively. They help make everybody else's job easier and more productive.

Celebrated on the Wednesday of the last full week in April, Administrative Professionals Day is the time to especially recognize and reward those wonderful staffers utilizing the beautiful, flower bouquet Administrative Professionals Day card featured here, which displays and demonstrates to them in no uncertain terms that they're the best! The lovely, lauding and applauding greeting allows managers, supervisors, team leaders, colleagues, coworkers and other professional and non professional workmates to show those dedicated, devoted and hard working Administrative Professionals that their superlative corporate and worksite efforts are known and appreciated. Candy, cash, lunch and other gifts to be delightedly negotiated!