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Funny Retirement Cards

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Retirement represents the successful culmination of a career, the accomplished ending of workforce participation, a happy exit from the rat race and the beginning of a treasured time of life to enjoy some well earned leisure and travel and finally get caught up on your sleep. It's an epic, enjoyable, life changing event to celebrate and commemorate, in other words, with some hilarious and heartfelt Retirement Congratulations cards!

There's a Happy Retirement greeting worked up perfectly for any of your friends, family members or soon to be former colleagues who are punching out for the last time, in this vast, varied and all very humorous card collection. Cartoon cavemen, bowling balls and pins, dwarves, drivers, cops, cats, beavers, penguins, clones and prisoners are available for garrulous illustrated and captioned Retirement joke gifting. Along with hysterical pictures of old time televisions, sexy swiveling secretaries, seniors on tricycles, sleeping kittens and big, bright, colorful, free floating balloons, to be utilized to wish happy trails for anybody you know who's hitting the road to a relaxing and rewarding Retirement. These funnily illustrated and photographed, amusingly gag worded, greeting cards will get the joyous and laughing Retirement Congrats job done, once and for all.