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Hilarious Cards to Celebrate Marriage and Anniversaries

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"What's all the fuss about same sex marriages? We've been having the same sex for 20 years!"

Marriages may start out like fairy tales, but they quickly become comedies, horror stories, dramas and many other kinds of stories as the days go by. Successful long-term relationships require many things - compassion, forgiveness, understanding, fortitude, creativity, tolerance and strong, tamper-resistant chains. But the most important thing is a healthy sense of humor.

These wickedly funny anniversary cards are perfect for congratulating friends, family members and especially each other on a job well done. There are cards that celebrate all the day-to-day experiences of married life and domestic bliss, such as boring sex, remembering to put the toilet seat back down and the freedom to fart without getting out of bed. If all that sounds romantic to you, congratulations, because you must be married!

Our funny wedding anniversary cards feature the funniest, edgiest, most devious humorists and cartoonists who are unafraid to paint highly-accurate portraits of life with your significant other. Artists such as Dan Piraro, James Callahan and Tim Whyatt have delightfully quirky and dirty takes ranging across a variety of life's chapters.

What kind of couple are you shopping for? Freshly married? Always fighting? Struggling in the bedroom or regular rabbits? Been together for more than a few decades? These wedding cards - funny, cute and darkly comical - are designed for young couples, more mature and experienced couples and same-sex couples. Our humorous wedding cards are made in the U.S. from exceptional quality card stock that includes 10 percent post-consumer waste fiber, which makes them earth friendly. They're also priced to fit every budget, with free shipping on every order, no matter how small.

Our funny anniversary cards make the perfect gift between spouses as well as unmarried couples who'd like to inject a little humor into their relationship. But these anniversary cards also present a fine opportunity for you to razz an old married man or woman if you're a friend, a relative or even a co-worker.