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Funny Boss Thank You Greeting Cards

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Having a great Boss can make a huge difference in the workplace, making your place of employment a second home of well-being and productivity, rather than a dreaded sweatshop of sullenness and drudgery. And if you, or you and your colleagues/workmates, have a wonderful employment leader who's a joy and inspiration to labor for, then make sure you reward "them" with a cheery, cheering, thankful, appreciative greeting card of happy recognition and great gratitude.

Featured in this Thank You Boss card collection: "THE BIG CHEESE" is fed some much-deserved love in large, orange, dimpled letters set against a bright blue background; and that superior supervisor is given a finger forest of thanking thumbs-up against a vivid pink, purple, red, blue, green and yellow striped background replete with flying confetti, twinkling stars and epic silver lettering, to express everyone's immense kudos.

So, don't take that awesome office, plant or worksite manager for granted; gift them one of the super, sensational salutations of excellence in this colorful, grateful collection, and you'll be enjoying your profession in pleasant style for years to come. Making work a pleasure, rather than a pain.
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