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Funny Bachelorette Cards

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A Bachelorette party is a time to toast, roast and celebrate the beautiful bride to be on the eve of her blissful and blessed nuptials. And it's a great time to get hammered, too.

Add even more high spirits and heady hilarity to the wine, liquor, fine food and hunky stripper laden occasion by gifting that lucky woman and future wife who's found true love any of the hysterical Bachelorette Congratulations greetings available here. In bright colors and laughable language, drinks are raised, I Do's are exchanged for the time being, pre and post marital sex is pondered, fishing trips are planned and the sanctity of love and fun of penis straws is beautifully pictured. Because the contents of a booze sodden stomach and the gyrations of a male exotic dancer come and go, but a humorous cartoon or photographic Bachelorette Congrats card can last a long time. Just like that favorite female friend, relative or coworker's loving marriage, of course.