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Funny St. Patrick's Day Cards

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March 17th, Saint Patrick's Day. A time to celebrate all things green and Irish, no matter if you're from the Emerald Isle or not. A day of frivolity, four leaf clovers, kissing, parades, bagpipes, drumming, fake accents, Hibernian hilarity and good cheer - and drinking, drinking, drinking.

The good humor of the All Eire day is on full, green and garrulous display on the hysterical Happy St. Patrick's Day cards featured here. Shamrocks, leprechauns, whiskey, blessings, possessed children, blarney stones, watches, flowers, rainbows, pretty lasses, gold coins and fish, and beer, beer, beer are all used in cartoon and photographic form to capture the good feelings and great partying of St. Patty's Day. All of your friends, relatives and workmates who enjoy indulging in and drinking in the fine, festive, frothy spirits of the lucky and laughing Irish day will be truly grateful, crying tears of laughter into their suds, when you gift them any of these intoxicatingly amusing and endearing Saint Paddy's Day greetings.