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Funny New Year's Cards

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Have you ever made a New Year's resolution that you didn't keep? Or maybe the better question to ask is did you ever make one you did keep? These funny New Year's cards poke fun of that most treacherous of holidays, when we try to find the craziest way to ring in the New Year, from overindulging to half-baked and quickly forgotten resolutions. There are Happy New Year humor cards about giving up drinking or wishing that you had done so the night before. We pay homage to those wild nights and morning after regrets. Trust us; sometimes it's better if you don't remember it at all. But if you do remember, what better way than to commemorate it with a card sent to all your friends who were there as witnesses? Whatever your favorite vice is, you'll find it celebrated here in grand style.

Next year, when the ball drops in Times Square, you can make friends or family drop--and double over with laughter at these clever, gut-bustingly funny cards to ring in the New Year with laughter. They'll howl at the original art work as well as the piercingly funny message contained within these NobleWorks holiday cards that put the emphasis on fun. All of them are colorful, and some of them are off-color, but all of these cards will make their recipients howl.

Whether your personal style favors the McCoy Brothers' hilarious dog cartoons or our sexy and smutty Head into the New Year with a Bang, you'll find plenty of ways to begin the year right with family and friends and your feisty attitude. Get an early start on those resolutions now and send these funny Happy New Year cards to everyone you said something stupid to the previous New Year's Eve. All will be forgiven. For those of you who are adults trapped inside the body of an adolescent boy, the answer is yes, we do have Happy New Year funny cards that feature the obligatory fart joke. We know how much that means to you, and we do our very best never to disappoint.

These New Year funny greetings are quite unlike the mild-mannered ones you find in your local card shop. They're also unique because they're made right here in the U.S. with recyclable materials. Free shipping is included with every order, no matter how small.