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Funny Administrative Professional's Day Cards

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Flowers, candy, nuts, cake, lunch, presents and monetary bonuses are all optional on Administrative Professionals Day. But mandatory and obligatory, to properly, happily and humorously honor those hard working clerks, secretaries, receptionists and assistants in your organization, are: funny greeting cards. Like, the hilarious and heartfelt Happy Administrative Professionals Day cards available here for amusingly and appreciatively recognizing and rewarding those talented and dedicated employees who make the company, factory, plant or warehouse hum along efficiently and effectively in the course of its day to day business.

Celebrated on the Wednesday of the last full week in April, Administrative Professionals Day is a chance to shine an applauding spotlight on those all important, behind the scenes workers who make everyone else's job a whole lot easier and better. Hysterical paper jams, executive dogs, memo bearing Vikings, buttless white collar office personnel, retro female telephone operators and big, colorful, high flying balloon words of great gratitude are all featured in comic drawing and photographic form on these garrulous greeting cards so that managers, supervisors, forepersons, bosses and the rest of the grateful workforce can extend some well earned and deserved, laugh inducing adulation and thanks to those wonderful, willing, well trained and essential Administrative Professionals.