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Funny Wedding Jumbo Cards

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You have to have a good sense of humor to get married. Because let's frankly face it, laughing at death is a huge way of coping. Show the funny couple taking that frighteningly serious and huge step that you care, wish them the best of luck, and are more than willing to chortle right along with them almost all the way to the altar, by gifting them one of the giant good cheer greeting cards from this oversized collection of marital mirth and merriment.

Hysterical, extra-large, congratulatory cards to choose from feature: a colorful cake couple taking a selfie, a woman who knows just what her man wants, a retro bride pondering the rights and wrongs of her predicament, workers setting the church scene with just the right pink decorations and black swinging tires for the Tarzan & Jane nuptials.

If you know a happy duo (with the emphasis on 'happy') who are about to tie the knot or noose, then pick and send out one of the gargantuan good cheer greeting cards from this incredible array, and put a smile on their quivering 'I Do' lips.