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Funny Valentine's Day Jumbo Cards

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Valentine's Day is the most romantic occasion on the calendar. To show your sweetheart just how much you care requires a giant greeting card full of huge heart, along with a great big serving of saucy humor to soften the mushy sentiments and loosen up that loved/lust one of yours. Look no further than this vast and varied array of large, bold, brash, hilarious V-Day cards to hit your lover's sweet and sassy spot. They'll get so warm and wet with laughter upon receipt of one of these massive, mirthful missives that they'll be putty in your hands (and other body parts).

Within this eye candy arousing, funny bone tickling collection: a cute little brown bear clutching a red heart lets fly a cuddlesome fart; adorable dogs, cats, puppies and kittens frolic with roses and hearts and inside of gift boxes; an elderly couple goes for a thrilling ride on Blueberry Hill to recapture the rapture moment; and sexy hunks flex their muscles and make lewd offers of erotic glee. To single out (and double up) just a few.

Demonstrate to your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, spouse, common-law equivalent, or that lucky person you're shacking up with or tracking and stalking the full, fantastic extent of your infatuation by gifting them one of the touching and hysterical cards from the incredible selection on sale here. And they'll see for themselves that nothing is bigger than your love, great as your sense of humor.